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Is Your Sprinkler System Ready For This Winter?

Summer is officially over! You know what that means? Only three months left to prepare for winter. As the temperature begins to drop and the days gets colder, it is only a matter of time before it becomes a little too cold for comfort. One of the most important things you can do to get ready for the subzero weather is winterizing your sprinkler system. Leaving water in your pipes during the winter could be damaging to the entire system if it freezes up. Follow these four steps to avoid this happening and you will be good to go:

Step 1: Turn Off Your Water

The first thing you should do when you are preparing your sprinkler system for winter is turn off the water. While this may be an obvious first step for some, others may simply forget. It is very important that this is done. Be sure to shut off the water at the main valve. During installation of your sprinkler system, the shutoff valve should have been installed in a spot where it shouldn’t freeze up.

Step 2: Shut Off The Timer

Automatic irrigation systems have a controller or a timer. Be sure to turn this off completely during the winter months. After going through all of the trouble to drain the pipes, it would be awful if the timer came on the next day undoing all of your hard work. Not only that but the timer, itself, could be the victim of damage during power surges if not turned off.

Step 3: Remove Backflow Preventer

Be sure to remove the backflow preventer and any valves since they are located above ground. If any water gets left in them during the harsh winter, the parts inside may become damaged. After removal, you can use insulation on the open ends to keep anything from getting into the pipes. Otherwise, moisture, rodents, or any piece of dirt or garbage can get stuck inside.

Step 4: Remove Water From Your Pipes

The next thing you want to do is remove all water from the pipes. There are various methods that could be employed in order to do this. Most popularly, you could either drain the water or blow it out. Either way will work just as well. Draining is something you could attempt on your own fairly easily, however, you must be sure to remove every drop of water. You will need specific equipment for the blowout method, which is why it is best to hire a professional. It is always best to bring in an expert to perform tasks like this to make sure that everything is done correctly. You don’t want a silly mistake to destroy your whole system. Contact Valley Green Sprinklers for any additional questions you may have.

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