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Importance of getting your Backflow System tested yearly.

Water supply systems maintain the water at a particular pressure to sustain the portability of the water from the taps to the showers and other fittings such as the garden sprinklers. A myriad of reasons can reduce the water pressure in a water supply system. For instance, pipe freeze, pipe burst, and when there is an amplified demand on the water system. The reduced pressure in the system may cause water to be drawn up from surrounding areas, such as the soil or other water reservoirs. These sources are often contaminated and may lead to serious health issues once consumed.

A backflow system is a device that prevents water from other sources contaminating the water supply system in a home or even a city. Soil laced with pesticides and fertilizer may contaminate water in an irrigation system. Water stored in reservoirs gradually builds up bacteria and mineral content that leaks from the pipes. When backflow occurs in a water supply system that does not have a backflow device, drinking water is contaminated, and severe health effects may ensue, consequently leading to death.

A backflow system, just like any mechanical device, is susceptible to wear and tear. Over time, the movable parts of the backflow device deteriorate, and this significantly affects the efficiency of the system. An old back flow system gives the semblance of safety yet may not be preventing the contamination of drinking water at all. A compromised backflow system may allow small amounts of contaminated water into the drinking water supply of a neighborhood. This failure may go undetected for years as there may be no immediate health effects. An annual testing of a backflow system is a sure way to affirm that the water used for consumption is clean and safe for use.

Annual testing also serves as a preventative measure. Mechanical problems are identified and rectified by a professional. Furthermore, the professional can also advise on the best backflow device that suits the requirements of the water supply system. In the long run, the lack of annual testing is a health risk. To get your backflow system tested today, contact Valley Green Sprinklers in Lewiston, ID, and let their expert team help you with all your Sprinkler System needs.

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