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Why Skiing is Harder to Master than Snowboarding

Taking part in winter sports can be challenging and a lot of fun. When heading out to the ski areas, you might wonder what you should try first: skiing or snowboarding. Each can be difficult to master, but skiing is harder to master than snowboarding even though it is easier to learn right away. Here are the basic differences between a beginner skiing experience and a beginner snowboarding experience.


A person typically starts by learning how to do the “snowplough” technique. The snowplough technique is done by pointing the tips of the two skis together while pushing the back ends of the skis away from each other. This technique helps the skier to slow down and control their movements and is relatively easy to do.

You will have a ski attached to each leg and each leg will act independently of each other as you learn to ski. If you start to fall while snowploughing, you have the ability to balance yourself on one leg while you steady yourself. You can stay flat-footed for the most part and it has a natural feeling like walking or ice skating. However, once you start to learn more advanced techniques, you need to learn how to keep both skis in symmetry with one another while you turn and go around snow mounds, trees, and people. This can take years to master.


Snowboarding, unlike wearing skis, requires that both feet are bound to one board (one foot is behind the other). You have to get used to the legs and feet working together to tilt the board side to side so you can turn and maneuver. If you lose your balance, you’ll usually crash to the ground without any chance of recapturing you balance. However, once you get used to maneuvering the board, you’ll naturally get better right away. You can look like a pro in a matter days.

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