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Skiing vs Snowboarding: How to Choose the Sport for You

Skiing vs. Snowboarding: How to Choose the Sport for You

You’re ready to get out on the snow and find your perfect winter sport , but how can you choose between skiing and snowboarding? Die-hard fans of each sport will tell you that their pick is the best, but finding your fit can be more difficult than listening to their advice. As you choose the right sport for you, ask yourself these questions to help you make your selection.

How much time do I want to spend practicing?

Most people agree that it’s easier to pick up skiing in the early stages than it is to start snowboarding. Often, beginners struggle with some aspects of snowboarding, such as having both feet strapped to the board and being positioned sideways. Skiers look straight ahead and their feet can move independently, so it feels more natural.

However, after this initial period, it is usually easier to master the more advanced skills of snowboarding than of skiing. If you’re looking for a few days on the slope as a beginner, you may see more action as a skier. If you want a regular hobby that doesn’t require a great deal of practice, snowboarding may be a fit.

What is your fitness level?

Both skiing and snowboarding give your muscles a workout, and it is likely you will be sore after your first day of doing either. Skiing requires more strength in your thighs and calves. With snowboarding, your core will be under pressure, since you will be using it so much for balance and turning. If you think you are more fit in one area than the other, then you may wish to base your choice on which option relies on your strongest muscles.

How much gear do you want to carry?

This question is strictly a matter of preference. Skiers have to carry skis, poles, and boots. Snowboarders only need a board to get started. If you don’t like lugging gear, snowboarding could be the right choice.

Whatever sport you choose, Follett’s Mountain Sports in Lewiston, ID has the gear rentals you need to have a great day. They also provide tune and waxing services as well as bike repair and maintenance. To learn more, call (208) 743-4200.

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