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Fun Places to Ride Your Bike

Bicycles are an easy and healthy way to get around a town or city. There are many benefits to using a bicycle as your main method of transportation. They don't require gas and are low maintenance. They also help tone your legs. There are even a number of cycling races all over the world. Bikes can be customized to suit a rider's taste. Plus, all ages can use them. Where are the best places to ride them?

Here are four fun places to ride your bike:


This is the simplest place to start. There is nothing like taking a nice bike ride through the park on a beautiful day. You can ride over the grass and dirt while you take in fresh air at the same time. The park can be the ideal spot to clear your mind while riding. One of the best parks for biking in Lewiston, Idaho is Hells Gate State Park.


Mountain biking is popular among bikers. Daredevils enjoy it because the tough terrain is perfect for off road biking. There are several types of mountain biking to fit the right type of rider. One example is trail riding. You can take different paths just to get that well-rewarded thrill that you are seeking. Mountain biking is not for the faint of heart. Exercise caution before suiting up.

Around Your Hometown

You might be able to discover new places and features that you would have never noticed before. The pavement might be repetitive and a little dull, but it is a good start for beginner bikers. Biking around your hometown could even help you make new friends.

Across a Pier Over a Body of Water

It may not be ideal to ride a bike on the beach due to the sand. If you want to be near water on a bike ride, give biking along the pier a try. You can enjoy the sea water while you are biking across the wood and pavement. Nothing can beat the sea air going into your lungs while taking a ride.

Need a bicycle to get to these fun places? Follett's Mountain Sports in Lewiston, ID can help you out! Follett's Mountain Sports has bicycles and rental bikes available.

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