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Biking: The Perfect Way to Stay Fit

Are you a big cycling fan? You're doing more than just enjoying yourself by riding a bike.

Cycling is an excellent way to stay fit. Some would even argue that it's the perfect option for those who want to treat their bodies right. Here's why pushing the pedals is so advantageous and a few tips on putting the benefits to good use.

Why Ride Bikes for Fitness?

Various studies suggest that cycling is an awesome option for those in search of elusive health gains. For instance, one Appalachian State University Human Performance Laboratory assessment revealed that compared to long-distance running, intense cycling resulted in reduced muscular inflammation, damage and pain. In other words, you may be able to train longer and harder when you're balanced on two wheels.

Extending your workout's duration isn't the only benefit. From gaining heightened joint mobility and bone strength to shedding body fat and stress alike, cycling is great for your body. Here are a few positive aspects of specific types of training:

Interactive Cycling May Help Fight Dementia

A study in BMC Geriatrics found that having dementia patients perform aerobic cycling on stationary bikes and following a route on a connected video screen led to improved executive function. While you probably won't become a genius overnight by riding your bike in new places, it could keep you on your toes mentally.

General Cycling Could Fight Illness

Could cycling reduce the fatality risks associated with ailments like type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart disease? According to some researchers, multiple studies show that cyclists exhibit lower rates of disease mortality and overall incidence than those who don't ride.

Mountain Biking Could Have Unique Positive Benefits

Different forms of cycling place distinct demands on riders and their bodies. Downhill mountain bikers, for instance, experience physiological challenges that aren't as prevalent in road bike activities, like consistently heightened heart rate, isometric muscle use and oxygen consumption. Researchers maintain that these factors could have major health benefits.

Getting on the Road and Staying Fit

Of course, cycling's health benefits are easier to leverage when you have the correct gear. From picking an appropriately sized bike to wearing the right protective equipment, your choice of accessories has a significant impact on the success of your bicycle fitness plan.

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