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Corn-Fed v Grass-Fed Beef: Compare and Contrast

What farms animals eat is just as important as what we eat. Whether it is chicken, eggs, or beef, there will be a vast difference in the quality of meat depending on what the animal's diet was. Many people debate over corn-fed versus grass-fed beef, but don't know the actual differences. Here are some of the main qualities of each one.


Cows who were fed corn in their diet tend to produce a variety of qualities in their meat. While the majority of our beef has been corn-fed for the last century, many people are questioning the health benefits and taste. From the beginning of their lives, cows that are fed a corn based diet tend to live in poor conditions and are stuck in feedlots for most of their life. From there, they are moved to a slaughtering house. The outcome for corn-fed beef is the following:

Large amounts of Vitamin B12, B3, and B6

High in Iron, Zinc, and Selenium

As a red meat, it is full of a variety of minerals


With more dietary research and consumers looking to improve their health, grass-fed beef is becoming extremely popular. Unlike the above-mentioned corn-fed cows, grass-fed cows are raised and put out into pastures, living their lives in open spaces with a healthy diet before they are taken into a slaughter house. The end result means more nutrients and minerals found in the meat. Here's a quick breakdown of grass fed beef:

High amounts of Vitamin A, Vitamin E,

High amounts of micronutrients, Potassium, Phosphorus, Sodium, Zinc, and Iron

As well as the nutrients found in corn-fed beef

Vitamin B6, B3, and B12

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