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5 Reasons Why You Need To Donate To Your Local Thrift Store

Donating To A Thrift Store Supports Local Businesses

Local thrift shops serve community residents, providing affordable clothing and household items to people who cannot afford new items or who simply want to save money. Some churches and community organizations benefit from sales at thrift stores.

When you donate to local thrift shops, you support local businesses and help people in your own community.

Clear Some Closet Space

Donating to your local thrift shop allows you to clear closet space. The arrival of a new season likely means you want to purchase new clothing and need to free up closet space.

Donate clothes that no longer fit along with outdated clothes.

Free Storage And Household Space

Do you plan to purchase new items for your home? Is your household storage space limited?

Donate old items to your local thrift store. Most thrift stores accept a variety of items, not just clothes and shoes. Donating old dishes, appliances, and other household items frees up storage spaces while possibly helping less fortunate individuals buy “New” items for their home.

You Get A Tax Write-Off

When you donate to your local thrift store, get a receipt for your donation. Some thrift shops give you a receipt detailing the number of bags of clothing or other items you donated while others provide a more-detailed receipt.

You Get A Sense Of Personal Satisfaction

You may never see that individual walking down the street wearing your donated clothing, the family eating from your donated dishes or witness a smiling child wearing your child’s outgrown clothing. However, there is a sense of personal satisfaction knowing that you helped someone else.

A good rule to follow before donating unwanted items is to think before you donate. Skip donating stained items, used socks and underwear. Refrain from donating broken household or furniture items that another person cannot use.

If you are ready to donate your old clothes, or are looking for a bargain, visit OUI Thrift today!

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