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4 Reasons Why a Thrift Store Should be Your First Stop to Shop

For some people, shopping fills them with a sense of anticipation, others a sense of dread, but whatever your feelings, if your first stop isn’t to a thrift store you’re missing out on finding special gifts, saving money and supporting local businesses. This is in addition to saving the planet by reducing waste and giving new life to older items. Thrift stores aren’t just for college students, but are ideal for everyone in your family. Here are 4 reasons why a thrift store should be your first stop to shop:

1. Unique Items

Finding funky and unique items can be difficult in an era of mass market and mass-produced retail. Decorating your home or giving the right gift can be time-consuming when you want something one-of-a-kind special. Thrift stores are full of unique items, odd figures, and eye-catching pieces. And the chance of running into someone who is wearing the same outfit is slim if you find it at a thrift store.

2. Save Money

Shopping at a thrift store is the obvious choice when you need to save money, but what may surprise you are the high quality items thrift stores often carry. Thrift stores have a variety of items ranging from small bowls and spoons, to larger items like bookshelves and vintage appliances. Not only that, but many thrift stores repurpose older items to give it an updated look that match modern aesthetics. You wind up with quality items with brand new looks at steep discounts.

3. Support Your Local Community

Thrift stores are also the ultimate in local businesses. Not only are they usually owned by a local family, but the primary source of their stock comes from your nearby friends and neighbors. You support your community when you shop at your local thrift store.

4. Sustainability

Leaving a thrift store with your purchases should fill you with a sense of pride because you’ve just helped to save the world. Buying items that have been repurposed, upcycled and refurbished helps to reduce waste and prevents our landfills from filling up with items that could be used again.

If you're ready to start finding some repurposed treasures today, stop by The OUI Thrift Store in Lewiston, Idaho.

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