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The History of Prime Rib

Prime rib is one of Americans most popular and classic cuts of beef and it has recently been added back on many restaurant menus as a regular entree. Sometimes called standing rib roast and Sunday Roast in British and Irish households, prime rib first became popular in the Industrial revolution in many different countries and over the years has become a major choice for beef lovers.

Prime rib is often served on holidays like Christmas and New Years's and was the favorite meal for many US presidents. A Prime Rib Restaurant first opened in Baltimore 1965 with the design of the supper clubs in Manhattan in the 1940's. Prime rib is a roast, not to be mistaken for a steak, and is sliced after cooking. The more marbling the roast has the better the taste and many restaurants recommend ordering your prime rib medium rare.

In the late 1990's, Las Vegas was know as the hub for prime rib. Almost every restaurant, casino and hotel advertised an inexpensive prime rib dinner. It was served for lunch, brunch and even for breakfast with eggs. Las Vega's history with prime rib can be traced back to a casino that opened in the 1940's called The Last Frontier. A customer could order for $1.50 a prime rib dinner, with baked potato with chives, salad, rolls, and coffee in their Ramona Room. This lead to Las Vegas being known as one the largest beef eating cities around.

A prime rib roast has seven ribs. Some chef will prepare it by removing the rib bones and then tying the roast which is called a rib eye roast. When it is cut into steaks before cooking they are called rib eye steaks. Some people eat horseradish with prime rib because it often complements fattier cuts of beef. It not only can help bring out the flavor of the beef but also make it easier to eat.

Overall prime rib is a popular meal in many restaurants and with home cooks. It popularity continues to grow. If you are looking for a delicious prime rib, check out Rusty's Ranch Cafe in Lewiston, ID.

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