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Truck Accessories That'll Make You Stand Out

A truck is a major investment. Whether you’ve just brought home a brand-new, mint condition vehicle or you’re working on a fixer-upper, there a few truck accessories you need to know about. From the purely aesthetic to the proudly functional, these truck accessories are sure to make your truck stand out from the crowd.

Dash Kits

You spend hours in your truck, staring at the same boring interior that every other truck owner has. Why not customize it with a snazzy new skin? A dash kit or dash trim kit can give your truck’s interior an elegant, gentlemanly look with rich wood tones and sleek lines. Or, you could opt for something more eye-catching, like a camo or color dash kit.

Nerf Bars

Nerf bars are primarily functional, but they also add style. They let passersby know that this particular truck is owned by a serious guy or gal who treats vehicles with respect. Choose from oval or tube steps, and from stainless steel, chrome, or powder-coated options. Talk to your mechanic before you purchase a pair, since you’ll need to make sure you buy the right size and type for your truck.

Headache Racks

Not-so-endearingly named headache racks are much more pleasant than the term suggests, and having your mechanic install one for you will let the world know that you mean business when you’re behind the wheel. They cover the rear window to give it some much-needed protection from heavy cargo in the bed. No one plans to have their cargo shift around, but if a strap comes loose or you’re involved in an accident, you’ll wish you had a headache rack. Plus, they help keep some sun off the back of your neck while you’re driving.

Masters Body Works is a locally trusted provider of collision repairs, paint jobs, and truck accessories. They are a family owned and operated business, and they pride themselves on high-quality work. Call their shop in Lewiston, ID at (208) 746-0313.

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