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How to Get That Professional Paint Finish in your Driveway

How to Get That Professional Paint Finish in your Driveway

Nothing gives a car a new lease on life like a new paint job. If your car could use a facelift, then a new coat of paint is sure to do the trick, but there’s more to painting a car than you might think. If you are considering painting your car in your driveway, here is an overview of what it takes to get the job done.

Create an Area to Protect Your Paint

Throughout the process of painting your car, you’ll need to protect the surface from everything from dirt to bugs. You will also need to prevent wind from blowing the paint and causing an uneven finish. If you don’t have a carport or other area in which you can secure the car, then you will need to set up tarps to provide protection. Keep an eye on your forecast and try to choose a day to work on your car that isn’t excessively windy if you plan to use tarps, since they can’t provide complete protection.

Start with Sanding

For a professional paint finish, you will need to first sand away the paint job you have now. You will need large-grain paper to start the process. Rub the car with the sandpaper until the paint peels away. This can be a lengthy process, so you may need to do it in stages. The large-grain paper will also help you remove grease and other debris as well as minor dents and scratches. Once the paint is almost gone, use a fine-grain paper to finish the job and to work on small areas.

Use Two Coats

For a professional finish, you will need two coats of paint. Allow the first coat to dry completely before applying the second coat. Be careful to ensure you’re applying even coats around the entire car. After the final coat is dry, apply wax to boost the sheen.

Car painting is time-consuming and challenging, so why not leave the job to the pros at Masters Body Works in Lewiston, ID? You can rest assured that their superior paint and careful workmanship will make your car look like new. Find out about all of their auto body and paint services by calling (208) 746-0313.

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