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How Car Restoration Works

The car restoration process gives classic car lovers an opportunity to rebuild their dream ride, whether it’s back to showroom-stock condition or as a modernized take on classic motoring. Either way, it’s a process that takes considerable time and resources.

Different Types of Restoration

Keep in mind that a typical restoration comes in many different flavors, usually depending on the condition of the car to be restored. Some cars may need only a fresh coat of paint and minor touch-ups in some areas, while others may need a complete restoration from top to bottom.

Getting Down to the Basics

Before digging into your restoration project, it’s a good idea to know where you’re starting from and how much work is needed to bring your dream car into shape. Starting with a bare frame, a few body parts and a blueprint will be significantly harder than starting with a fairly complete car with minimal rust. Here are a few questions to ask yourself prior to starting your restoration project:

-How complete is the vehicle in its current state?

-How much rust will you have to deal with?

-What already works and what doesn’t work?

-How hard are parts to come by for your particular project?

Restoring the Interior and Exterior

Making a car look good inside and out is an important part of the restoration process. For the exterior, this means eliminating any and all signs of rust, straightening out or rebuilding body panels, preparing and repainting the body in the color of your choice and finding the right emblems to match your vehicle.

Most of the interior work involves replacing and reupholstering certain interior trim, including the seats, headliners and dashboard. You may also need to replace various gauges, switches, wiring and other miscellaneous interior items.

Rebuilding the Powertrain

A complete restoration inevitably means rebuilding the drivetrain from the ground up. You may need to dismantle and examine every part of the engine, transmission and drive axle, determining which parts can be repaired and which parts must be replaced.

At this point, you can either rebuild the drivetrain exactly as the manufacturer intended for authenticity’s sake or you can modify or even replace the original drivetrain to give your classic car more pep.

Masters Body Works in Lewiston, ID takes all these points into consideration and more! They are dedicated to helping you restore your dream car. Visit them Monday - Friday between 8 AM and 5 PM to get started on your project today.

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