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What Golf Cart is Right For You?

When deciding on what golf cart to buy, the first question many folks ask is whether they should purchase a gas-powered or electric golf cart? Both are excellent options and it will mainly depend on how you intend to use your golf cart.

Electric golf carts don't require fuel and run quietly. They are an excellent option for eco-friendly folks and for those that ride to-and-from home, as they need to be plugged in each day to recharge. Electric golf carts are not a good option for folks who like to get off the grid, as it will just take a day or two on a camping trip for the battery to die with no access to electricity.

Gas-powered carts require unleaded gasoline to run. They have more horsepower, can run more accessories such as radios and air conditioners, and, as long as there is a gas station nearby, you never have to worry about getting stranded. Gas-powered carts are a great choice for folks who go out for longer rides, who go camping, or who want to attach a mini-grill to the tailgate.

Buying a new golf cart is always the safest bet, as the manufacturer can assure you of the cart's quality and provide a warranty in case it doesn't run well. Buying new also provides you the most options for customizing your cart. Buying used is a great option to save money, but it is a little riskier. When buying used, it is best to buy a refurbished golf cart, so the dealership can assure you of the cart's quality and can provide a limited warranty on the vehicle. Buying "as is" is the riskiest. It is best to ask an expert to inspect the cart before purchasing, though understand that this type of purchase will not come with a warranty.

Whatever you decide to purchase, the folks at Valley Golf & Outdoor in Lewiston, Idaho, are the very best, and they will help guide you to the cart that matches you and your needs the very best!

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