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Safety Tips for First-Time Golf Cart Drivers

Whether you live down the street from your preferred golf course or you simply want a more reliable way to get around when you hit the links , owning a golf cart can seem like an alluring investment. A golf cart may also be an essential feature for managing a large property or campground, but it should never be driven without keeping some safety precautions in mind. Though golf carts are small, and they don’t have the same power as an automobile, they are still motor vehicles. If you’re driving a golf cart for the first time, here are some safety tips that you may find helpful.

Slow Down While Turning

Because golf carts have open sides, turning can be more dangerous for these vehicles. Taking a turn at just 11 mph can throw a person out of the vehicle, or do some damage with property ejected from the cart—including your golf clubs. When you take a turn, be sure to slow down substantially more than you might when turning a car, and be aware of any rough terrain you might encounter.

Use Your Horn and Seatbelt

Not all golf carts are equipped with seatbelts, but they are an easy addition to request when you purchase a new or pre-owned cart . Just like in a passenger vehicle, a seatbelt is the best way to stay safe in the event of an unexpected collision.

Stay Off Sidewalks

Safe cruising speed for a golf cart is just above walking pace, but that doesn’t necessarily make it safe to travel by sidewalk in your cart. Stick to designated paths and roads, and don’t take your cart anywhere that is marked as off-limits to motor vehicles.

If you are thinking of purchasing a new golf cart or another outdoor utility vehicle in the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley and the surrounding areas, look no further than Valley Golf and Outdoor. You can find out more about them online or call them directly at (208) 746-6264.

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