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Golf Etiquette For First-Time Players

Playing your first round of golf can be a very intimidating process. It’s important to act properly on the course, especially if you want to be invited back. The problem lies around that first-time players are unsure of acceptable golf etiquette. Here are some basic rules to follow, which should make the day go very smoothly.

Bring Your Own Clubs

The rules of golf state that each player can have 14 clubs in their bag to play a round of golf. There is no minimum number of clubs needed to compete, but its poor etiquette to ask your round partner to borrow one of their clubs to take a specific shot. The point is first-time players should have their own golf bag, clubs, balls and tees.

A Tee Time is an Actual Tee Time

If you want to play golf on a Saturday morning at 10am, its smart to reserve a tee time the day before. Plan on arriving at the golf course between 30 minutes to an hour prior to your actual tee time. This allows for you to warm up by hitting a few balls on the driving range and practicing your putting on the practice greens. However, if you miss your tee time, it will be tough to get onto the course because of the high volume of play on the weekend. Sometimes, tee times aren’t required, but its best to call before heading over to the club.

Dress For The Role of a Golfer

Most golf courses have strict dress codes for course play. Usually, a pair of dress shorts or slacks with a collared shirt will meet the requirements. It’s a wise decision to bring a pair of golf shoes with you, just in case, the club requires them to be worn on the course. If you’re not sure of the dress code, ask a club representative when scheduling your tee time.

Course Safety

Golf courses are to be enjoyed by all regardless of your handicap. Be smart and take care of the grounds, especially if you’re using a golf cart. You should always respect the posted cart driving rules. Its wise to keep the cart on the path and off the fairways because the wheels will do damage to the grass. Also, never drive the cart near a water hazard or within the sight lines of the putting green. If you are looking for a new Golf Cart or service for an old Golf Cart, Valley Golf and Outdoor in Lewiston, ID.

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