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Best Accessories for your ATV

An ATV can add fun and excitement to any weekend trip. If you’re ready to hit the trails on your ATV, then you need the right accessories to make every adventure a good one. Get the most out of your ATV with these must-have accessories.


A helmet is essential for every ATV ride, every time. Even when you plan to be going at a slow speed, all it takes is a small hole in the trail to toss you dangerously from your vehicle. Your helmet is your best defense against serious injury, so don’t go out without one. Your helmet should fit your head snugly without any wiggling or sliding, and you shouldn’t be able to fit your finger between your forehead and your helmet padding. Make sure your helmet is also comfortable, so you’re not tempted to leave it behind.

Tool Kit

Keeping a toolkit on hand ensures you can make minor fixes along the way should you have a problem with your vehicle. Vice grips, zip ties, a multi-tool, a map, a compass, and duct tape can all help you complete makeshift fixes to your vehicle when you’re in remote areas and navigate your way through your trip. Winches and tow straps are also valuable to have. A winch is especially helpful in getting your vehicle out of muddy patches, and it can also help you move obstacles that are on the trail.

Gas Canister

Running out of gas when you’re out exploring with your ATV will leave you stranded, possibly in a remote area. Carrying gas along with you means you don’t have to worry about getting stuck, and it will help to protect your engine from damage that can occur when you try to run on empty. Get a gas canister with a solid cap that doesn't allow spills and that has adequate ventilation.

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